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The Most Important Thing To Remember About Your Adoption (And It May Not Be Easy To Hear)


Just a fair warning right up front: What you are about to read may be a little painful for you to hear.

As you go through your adoption journey, especially during that excruciating waiting period when you are just waiting to receive “the call” that you have been matched with a potential birthmother, you are going to feel a whirlwind of emotions. At times you will feel excitement, anxiety, nervousness, impatience, hope, fear, and a plethora of other emotional highs and lows. Often in the midst of these emotions, it’s easy to forget about what’s important.

That’s why I think it’s necessary to keep your emotions in check from time to time, and focus on what I think is one of the most important aspects of adoption. Again, it not be easy for you to hear. It’s not always easy for me either. But I believe it’s so important that we remember this one thing:

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