Welcome to the resources page. This is where I share links to websites, products, and other resources that I have found helpful. There may not be much here to begin with, but I will be adding to this list as I discover more helpful resources, so please feel free to bookmark it and check back frequently. If you have any suggestions for resources you would like me to add, please let me know.

Adoption Information & Services

  • One of my favorite adoption websites, with all kinds of resources, information, and discussion forums for adoptive and adopting parents, birthparents, and adoptees. This website is a must see.
  • Adoption.NET: Not to be confused with the website above, Adoption.NET also has lots of great information and articles for adoptive parents, birthparents, and adoptees. They even offer online adoption profiles. Check them out!
  • America Adopts!: This is an online adoption profile service, but it also offers tons of great articles on domestic adoption. Subscribe to their blog to receive their updates regularly. For those of you north of the border, check out Canada Adopts!
  • Creating a Family: Another website offering tons of useful articles and information on adoption and infertility.
  • Adoptive Families: A magazine dedicated to all kinds of adoption; their website also has lots of helpful information.
  • Infant Adoption Guide: The blog of “adoptive daddy times two” Tim Elder, who shares lots of great information about domestic infant adoption. Be sure to check out Tim’s podcast as well.
  • Mom At Last: The blog of adoptive mom Sharon Simons, which has lots of useful information, resources, and inspirational stories.
  • Your Adoption Coach Podcast: Another informative podcast hosted by Kelly Ellison, an adoptive mother who also runs the Your Adoption Finance Coach website.
  • USAdopt: A consulting service founded by adoptive mom Amanda Grant, USAdopt is dedicated to helping you to simplify and shorten your path to adoption. Worth checking out…Amanda knows her stuff!

Adoption Fundraising

  • Resources 4 Adoption: An excellent resource for adoption funding. Includes a searchable database for adoption grants and loans as well as Adoption Finance University, an online course to help you in funding your adoption.
  • Adoptive mom, blogger, and author Julie Gumm talks a lot about adoption financing and fundraising and has even been featured on the Dave Ramsey show. Her blog includes lots of great fundraising ideas and stories to get you inspired. Julie is also the author of the book Adopt Without Debt and the upcoming book You Can Adopt Without Debt.

Adoption Communities & Forums

  • Adoption Voices: A social network for adoption, with lots of groups, forums, and discussions to take part in.
  • Adoptive Families Circle: From Adoptive Families magazine (mentioned above), this is another great discussion forum site.
  • Adopt2Connect: Another place to connect with other adoptive parents and adoption professionals.
  • Also check out the community pages on and Adoption.NET.